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Wedding Design, Planning & Production | February 21, 2014

Hailey R. from Austin, Texas

Your Best Bet for All your Wedding Needs!

There are no words for me to articulate how pleased I am with White Curtin and how highly I would recommend them. I originally hired Cassie to complete some of the logistics and setup/tear down for my wedding on Feb. 21, 2015. But after I spoke with Cassie, it became apparent that she could do SO MUCH MORE. And she did. In addition to renting some of the items she already had, she ordered and designed my flowers (centerpieces, decorations, bouquets and boutonnieres), she designed a floor plan for the tables, she decorated (fantastically) the ceremony site and the reception site, she designed RSVP cards that perfectly matched my invitations, she ordered things for me to create a couple of my own touches, and she created so many unique touches to make my wedding personal and wonderful. And while everything she made/designed was perfect and wonderful, the main reason I would recommend using White Curtin is because of Cassie herself. I was not a stressed-out bride, but there were so many times when things got overwhelming, or confusing, or I just had no idea what I wanted. Cassie was there to guide me through all of it. She was always available and responded immediately. She gave me ideas, advice, guidance, counseling sessions, encouragement, and was always up for coming up with new and creative things to incorporate into the wedding day décor. It was as if my wedding was the only one that mattered to her, even thought I know she works like crazy! But she made me feel like I was important, and she made sure I knew that I could always call her when/if I needed to….and I did! She was always excited to talk about wedding details and never seemed annoyed when I contacted her to make changes or pick her brain. She is incredibly creative and professional, very personable, and extremely detail oriented….all the things you want in someone who is helping you create the event of your dreams! When my actual wedding day arrived, everything was absolute perfection! She and her team handled everything with ease and made the ceremony site and reception site look flawless. It was everything I had imagined and then some. In addition to everything else she was doing, she even took time to place fresh flowers on my cake….which is totally Cassie….always willing to go the extra mile to make sure you have exactly what you want. I had absolutely no stress at all on the wedding day because I knew Cassie was handling everything. I had complete confidence in her and her team, which allowed me to focus my energy on the wedding day ahead of me. Again, Cassie is talented, kind, smart, capable, reliable, and one of the sweetest people I have ever met and I would recommend her to anyone. She will take the vision you have for your event and make it a reality….but BETTER!

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