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WhiteCurtin Design was founded  in 2012 when we, Cassie Whitehead and Gregg Curtin, started hearing wedding bells! We were soon engaged and starting the exciting wedding planning process. We wanted a truly custom wedding experience, with our own tastes, styles, and designs incorporated into everything from invitations and thank you cards to the place settings, menus and decor. After countless hours of internet searching, we still had not found the perfect design.  



We decided to do it all, everything, ourselves! Being that Cassie received her bachelors degree in interior design and technology engineering, we were confident and excited to have the opportunity to accomplish our own specific vision. We worked together, got creative (...really creative!), and after a year of super fun hard work, we produced the perfect, one-of-a-kind experience that we had so been hoping for. We even hauled every bit of our big day from Texas all the way up to Connecticut!  We enjoyed the entire process so much that we were inspired to share the love by starting our own Event Design, Planning, & Production Firm!

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